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Standards of the boutique hotels in the city centre of Munich: individual, environmentally friendly, clean and safe

Business hotels managed by their owners: this is the beautiful side of Munich ready for your overnight stay in the metropolis with a heart – a KING’s HOTEL with a distinct service so that you feel at home in the middle of the city which is home to a million people.

The KING’s HOTELs in Munich: two charming city hotels with a personal touch

  • Affectionate luxury instead of cool elegance
  • Individual service instead of business as usual
  • Charming city hotels instead of faceless sleep factories
  • Creative furnishing implemented with care instead of a standardized appearance
  • A fair cost-benefit ratio instead of economizing in the wrong areas
  • City centre position instead of walking long distances
  • We set our own high standards instead of enforcing a prescribed minimum performance
  • A personal touch instead of a uniform treatment
  • Feel at home instead of experiencing impersonal treatment
  • Voluntary additional special services and self-monitoring instead of merely offering a bare minimum

KING’s standards expect the best possible performance! Service, cleanliness, security, functionality, quality managemnt environmentally friendly action are apparent in the awads which the KINGS HOTELS have received: the Bavarian Environmental Seal in gold, the ISO certificate and the European Environmental Seal Euro-Flower.

KING’s HOTELs standards

Many stars = a lot done for the guest? Many stars – we are speaking of five or six – often mean that a lot of energy has been put into additional service and hardware, which you the guest do not however necessarily want. But still the price increases enormously.

Rating systems have a much too limited influence on the quality of the hotel or on how satisfied you are with the performance offered. For example, we believe that it is more important to provide a modern security system in case of emergency, instead of fresh flowers in a vase on a daily basis.

The KING’s HOTELs have thus developed their own crown standard which enhances the three and four star standard classification:

Service provided for your well-being in Munich

  • We give you plenty of time to check out. If you want to you can keep your room, as in a 5-star hotel, until 1 p.m. (on demand).
  • We give you time to check in. Please let us know a day in advance if you need your room already in the morning (on demand).
  • Children up to the age of 14 can stay free of charge in the room of their parents.
  • 18 hours of room service every day (**** Hotel First Class).
  • Your canine darling is always welcome in return for a small daily fee.
  • Our rooms also offer the utmost comfort to people suffering from allergies: mattresses covered in Sympatex in order to fight off mites, specially cleaned carpets, wall paint free of aromatic compounds and filtered breathing air will allow for a stress-free stay with us. And what is good for people with allergies cannot be bad for other guests.
  • We offer especially quiet rooms. A slightly higher price will let you enjoy the peace and quiet of the inner courtyard and further advantages.
  • Your hotel reservation via credit card is binding for us. No other guest will be given your room.
  • Every six months we have our hotels checked by anonymous hotel spys.
  • Healthy plants are provided by Mohr Hydrokultur.
  • Both hotels offer you parking spaces for a fee
  • You want to give a family member a present? Our gift shops in the hotels offer you a selection of Bavarian surprises.
  • We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. For you this means all round quality from the service through to the organic breakfast. Zweigarten management consultancy helped us through the certification process.

Functionality in the hotel rooms

  • All mattrasses are at least 2 metres long, 18-20 cm thick and adapt to the shape of your body by means of pocketed springs. Here you will sleep like a king!
  • Allergy tested quality pillows and an additional little “sleeping pillow”.
  • Curtains that keep out all light.
  • Main light switch at your bedside. No need to get up anymore!
  • Reading lamps by your bedside.
  • Large desk with a bright lamp.
  • High speed internet access (WLAN) + electric socket at desk level.
  • Long telephone cables for stress-free telephone conversations.
  • Air cleaner with a fine mesh filter.
  • Mini refrigerator in your room (**** Hotel First Class).
  • Full-length mirror.
  • Towel warmer in the bathroom (**** Hotel First Class)
  • Bright bathroom lights, large shelf spaces in the bathroom.
  • Large shower that you can walk in, no need to shower in the bathtub (bathtubs in the **** First Class suites).
  • Water pressure and temperature controls make for a powerful and well-tempered jet of water.
  • Bright lighting in the hotel corridors provides extra security.
  • External soundproofing: soundproofing class four, inside: 33 decibel.
  • Real non-smoker rooms, because these rooms and the smoker rooms are situated on different storeys. This is not only the case in the 4-star boutique hotel, but also in the 3-star holiday hotel.
  • Air conditioning in every hotel room (also in the 3-star superior KING´s HOTEL Center).

Cleanliness is our first priority – for your sake and that of the environment.

  • For hygienic reasons we do not use any bed covers.
  • The chambermaid really only cleans your room in the specified time of 25 minutes. Other hygiene and cleaning services, such as cleaning windows, disinfecting carpets, etc. can be performed by separate, especially trained cleaning personnel.
  • Daily WC disinfection.
  • Daily Disinfection of the telephone and TV remote control.
  • Permanent disinfection of the mattresses by means of the Sympatex covering.
  • We do not use a “spray gun” for pouring mineral water and soft drinks, instead we only use the bottles filled by the manufacturer. For you this means: consistent quality and strict hygiene.
  • Buttons in the elevator are legible and regularly sterilized.
  • Rota for additional hygiene: mattress covers, special pillow covers /Sympatex) are cleaned/washed four times a year.
  • Cleaning of windows = four times a year.
  • Cleaning of carpets and disinfection: every six months.
  • Cleaning of all furniture: every six months. Furniture is moved, cleaned, oiled and polished with wax.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the ventilation and grating: once a month.
  • Every three months: voluntary bacteria and hygiene controls carried out by an independent medical specialist laboratory (legionella test).
  • An independent medical specialist laboratory examines the drinking water in the house twice a year in order to guarantee sterility (legionella test).
  • Our hotels are always kept in excellent condition: after two years at the latest we renovate parts of the hotel, every seven years we renovate the entire hotel.

Security for for your safety

  • The reception is situated only three metres away from the entrance.
  • The emergency stairs are only a maximum of 15 metres away from anywhere within the hotel.
  • Both hotels only have 7 storeys – the fire brigade is always able to extend ladders up to the 8th storey!
  • The furnishing of the room will help hamper the spread of fire (curtains, mattrasses, carpets and furniture burn slowly or not at all).
  • Fire detector in every room and every corridor. 
  • Access by strangers to the rooms is obstructed by barriers and a vigilant reception.
  • Video surveillance system in the public areas.
  • For reasons of security no connecting doors between suites and rooms.

Commitment to a clean environment and a just society – for the sake of your pleasant stay

  • So far the KING’s HOTELs are the only hotels in Germany to have been awarded the European Environmental Seal Euro-Flower, the Bavarian Environmental Seal in gold and the Golden Environment Medal of the Bavarian Environment Park have also been bestowed on both our hotels.
  • We have a heart for up-and-coming talent: The KING’s HOTELs have received awards from the IHK Munich for their apprenticeship programmes.

100% guarantee that these KING’s HOTELs standards will be adhered to

Wifi for free in all rooms

(DSL Speed 1,5 MBit)


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