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Stay overnight in royal style in the KING’s HOTELs with a good conscience with regard to the environment and sustainability

We have proven from the very beginning that perfect environmental management, which in many areas has topped EMAS, the new EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, consequential environmental protection and the creation of an affectionate and pleasant ambience for guests go hand in hand. Both the KING’s HOTEL First Class (Dachauer Straße) and the KING’s-Hotel Center (Marsstraße) have been awarded the Bavarian Environmental Seal in gold: the King’s Hotel First Class without interruption since 1998, the KING’s HOTEL Centre since it opened in 2000.

Übernachten mit gutem Gewissen für Umwelt

Both hotels passed successfully the exam for the “Euro-Flower”, the first European eco-label. Prerequisites for the certification are, amongst other things, limitation of the consumption of energy and water, the amount of rubbish produced (King’s guests love to help recycle since years!), the preferred use of substances least harmful to the environment and additionally the use of renewable resources. Until today the hotels are the only hotels in Germany to have been given this award.

“Feel the royal flair”, one of the maxims, is not a contradiction of all this. Guests, most of them business people, value the individual, comfortable, ecological luxury in the three and four star hotels, because from a logical point of view a natural, ecological ambiance is the best foundation for permanent well-being. The influence on international guests should not be underestimated either. LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) was practiced here long before this catch phrase was coined in the USA.

In the KING’s HOTELs you will find a balance between environmentally conscious management and its expectations toward service, hygiene and comfort. Because of their successful commitment the hotels may serve as an example to the entire urban hotel business.

Die KINGs HOTELs sind seit 1997 Mitglied im Ökopakt

A member of Oekopakt since 1997, awarded the Golden Environmental Seal without interruption since 1998, official ambassador for the environmental pact Bavaria for the hotel and catering industry of the free state of Bavaria since 2003 and since October 2004 recipient of the European “Euro-Marguerite” – a German premier, since no German entrepreneur had previously or has since, until 2010, been awarded this eco-label. Awards that are earned in painstaking everyday work. The awards are also founded on considerable investment in special installations and the use of energies which “are more natural, but also 20% more expensive than normal electricity”. Still, everything has turned out fine: alone the directing of water from the showers into the lavatory flush has allowed saving 18 litres per person – with 40 000 guests a year.


NEW: You will be spending the night at the KING’s hotels on a climate-neutral basis.

True to the motto that “employees are not a cost factor, but capital”, the company’s management has tried to infect the 60-strong staff with its own brand of fun extracted from action. This includes independent working as well as transparent working processes, stipulated in a 500-page quality management handbook. Again, the KING’s HOTELs belong to the first medium-sized hotels in Germany able to exhibit an ISO 9001:2008 certification and soon the ISO 14001 (environmental certification).

The most important thing is well-being

Our environmental efforts do not affect you the guest much, which is how King’s wants things to be: many of our guests are demanding business travellers. They like to hear the word ’quality management’ but when they hear ’environmental protection’ they think of hippies nibbling seeds. We thus only emphasize one letter: w as in well-being. That is something that comes to everyone who steps over the King’s threshold. True to the motto “loving luxury instead of a faceless sleep factory”, the KING’s HOTELs rely on European wood, whose precious markings breathe in panelling and coffered ceilings. Coffered ceilings that crown the trademark of the King ambiance: the canopy bed equipped with sumptuous flounces, inviting you to dream in every room. Something else you might indulge in: the shimmering marble bathrooms, lovingly equipped with selected cosmetic products. Speaking of which: cosmetics and wellness. Here too we stick to the successful routine of attention to detail. Thus the exhausted guest can regenerate in the KING’s-HOTEL First Class in the in-house Relaxanum.

The lifestyle of Health and Sustainability = LOHAS was already being lived here long before this name was discovered. The lifestyle of sustainability in order to ensure the foundations for the next generations has to go hand in hand with the highest degree of attention for everyone’s health. We stand up for this principle at KING's HOTELs.

Interested to hear which water consumption / CO2 emissions, generated waste we had in recent years per hotel guest? Click here.

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